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Re-Imagining IT to Help Human Services Organizations Be More Effective

ServingLynk is your partner in solving your IT challenges in human services. Homelessness, the hungry and other human services / nonprofit challenges are our specialty. We help you to resolve them by linking data and resources with warehouse, exchange, software and web solutions.

We Are ServingLynk

ServingLynk is reimagining IT to help the Human Service community. HMISLynk is our data warehouse utility that helps link data and services to resolve the traditional limitations that hinder the resolution of homeless and other human services issues. Our software development division builds customized software to help resolve the challenges facing our communities like food distribution to the hungry throughout the US or street prayer adoption for churches and charities. Our web services division offers low cost, high quality complete website service option for any size organization.


Servinglynk can build custom software to meet your organizational needs. No matter the size of the development challenge our team of software experts can build your solution.

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Website Services

ServingLynk can secure your domain, host, build your website and maintain it. We can help you with image / logo development and web marketing. With over 7,000 sites developed and hosted, we can be your web service solution.

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Who We Serve


Busy administrators who need to manage information fast and provide results for their organization.


Caring consultants who need to provide effective, affordable solutions for their human services clients.


Independent developers who are creating apps to help human service organizations service their communities.

Executive Directors

Executive directors who are leading the organizations and want to increase their power of serving.

Software Developers

Software development companies who want to bundle human services applications and data into existing products.

Government Officials

Gorvernment officials who are urgently searching for solutions to solve human services issues within their regions.

Benefits To Your Organization

Data Warehouse

Store your data in a secure data warehouse for easy real time access. Upload files in minutes and the data is ready on your command.

Open Source Platform

Our code is open source so your technical team can link your UI in ways that suit your needs.



Our API allows for application development tailored to your organizations’ requirements.

Near Real-Time Reporting

With our big data warehouse you can access reports when you need them and in nearly at real time.


No Seat License

We do not charge by user seat, we charge by data usage. We are a utility to help you and your Human Services User Interface (HSUI) vendor better serve you and your community.

Free Mobile Apps

We offer the apps developed with our software for free.



Our platform allows for expansion and exchange of data as designed by you. Keep your data closed or share it across communities, your choice, and your design.


With a subscription, we offer the basic HMIS HUD reports for free. We can link to your reporting tool and offer nearly real time reporting.


Platform Services

We offer support to help you to get set up and use our data warehouse and exchange.

Vendor Friendly

Since we are a data warehouse, we look to collaborate and connect vendors together to offer data solutions that stretch across traditional geographic and technical boundaries.